While building API’s has been simplified by many players in the market, deciding the right tool for your upcoming project or for a lean development team can be a really tricky job.

On 15th October’2020, we launched our product, Canonic, on Product Hunt and we were ranked the 3rd Product for the Day along with an incredible traction on Hacker News as well. Amongst all the questions that were asked to us about the product, the one that came most often was “How is Canonic different from Hasura?”

So, what exactly are Canonic and Hasura?

Hasura is an open-source GraphQL server that gives you realtime GraphQL APIs…

Hey, my name is Simranjot and I’ve been interning at various firms for over a year now; and currently, I am working as an Intern iOS Developer, here at Haptik. Given my intense internship experience, let me give you some insights into things that I have learnt over the course of the year; The mistakes I had made, the things I had done right & the realizations that came at the end of each day — all of it.

Note: This article is not about how to get yourself an Internship.

Prashant Sharma Concluded One Thing Very Well in one of his Article that I followed right from the start.

One thing…

SimranJot Singh


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